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Program “Earn First, Pay Later“- Best SEO BD Starting Date – 15 Jan 2023

Are you a small business or an F-commerce business looking to boost your products’ reach on Social Media? Take advantage of our exclusive “Earn First, Pay Later” campaign! The first 100 businesses to register will get a free boosting service on social media platforms from us – no upfront costs or hidden fees. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get your business seen – to learn more about this service and register for the opportunity, visit the given link below!

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💡 We know you’ve got a great product, but social media ads have a way of getting lost in the noise.

⚡ It’s time to get your brand noticed!

📢 We are excited to announce our newest campaign, Earn First, Pay Later. We know it’s hard for small businesses and F-commerce businesses to get the word out about their products without spending money on advertising campaigns. That’s why we’re offering them a chance to get boosted on Facebook for three consecutive days for FREE!

📅 If you’ve been thinking about trying something new with your social media presence, now is the time to make it happen! You’ll have the opportunity to boost your Facebook page and product images for free. The first 100 businesses to register online will be eligible to participate in this campaign.

🔵 The things we need for this campaign from you are:

1. Product name

2. Product Description

3. Product Photograph

4. Logo of The Business

5. Address of The Business

6. Contact Number

7. Official Email

🔴 Here’s how it works:

1. Create a beautiful portfolio with a product name and description that will make people stop and say, “Hey, that’s cool.”

2. Upload a photo that shows off how awesome your business is (and don’t worry about making it look perfect—we’ll take care of that).

3. Add a logo where customers can see it, and write down your contact information so they can reach out if there are any questions or concerns (or just because we want to give you some pointers!).

🔺 N.B.: The products will be advertised on our page for three days for free. We will also share your products on our Social Media Groups for organic reach. For the ads to be run on your Official Facebook Page, you will have to purchase the paid plan.

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